How to update MAME stable source with unstable updates

Hello there!
Have you some trouble patching mame's source to unstable releases on GNU/Linux? No problem, I can solve this!


QMC2, a graphical user interface for mame

Are you tired of impractical and ugly interfaces for your mame executable?
Now I want to introduce qmc2, a nice graphical frontend for MAME/MESS.
link: official website
platforms: windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD.


MAME 0.142 released

Hello there! mame 0.142 has been released!
link: mamedev.org
changelog: changes_0142

You know that mame sources can be compiled under linux (it uses SDL so it's portable), here I show you how to accomplish this:
Download latest stable build from mamedev.org;

CD to mame sources directory with your terminal.

*optional* If you're looking for unstable updates read this

Now you must download and install these packages and their dependencies with apt-get on ubuntu (you can find equivalents for your distribution in your package manager too, I think).
sudo apt-get install libgconf2-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev
I suppose you already have all tools needed for compiling (gcc, make and so on). If you don't, please download them!
now you can type make and, if there are no errors, you can wait until it finishes.
Your mame executable will be created in mame sources directory.
If you want all mame tools you must type make all .




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